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Creating AI-Powered Presentations

Crafting a compelling presentation can be a daunting task, but with the power of AI at your fingertips, it's never been easier! Dive into our guide to learn how:

1. Head to the AI Presentation Tab#

After ensuring all your files are processed, direct your attention to the 'AI Presentation' tab.

2. Feed Instructions to the AI#

Here's the fun part. Use the dedicated space to:

  • Pose specific questions you'd like to answer
  • Specify any desired sections or subheadings
  • Ask for the pie chart (our speciality) if you'd like to visualize data

3. Generate Your Presentation#

All set? Click the 'Generate Presentation' button and watch as AI crafts your presentation.

4. Patience is Key#

Let the AI weave its magic! It might take a few minutes, but the result is worth the wait.

5. Ready to Download#

Upon completion, you'll spot your freshly minted presentation on the same page. Beside it, a convenient 'Download' button awaits.

6. Grab Your PPTX File#

Your presentation comes in a neat PPTX format, making it a breeze to edit on PowerPoint or even Google Slides.

7. Create Away#

The best part? There's no cap on creativity. Generate as many presentations as you desire, whenever you wish.

With this step-by-step guide, designing an engaging presentation is not only efficient but also a delight. Harness the prowess of AI and make every slide count!