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Creating a Kanban Collection of Insights

If you're looking to organize and share your AI insights, the Kanban view is the way to go! Here's how you can set it up:

1. Adding Insights to the Collection#

After your project has finished processing, you can dive into the insights for every file you uploaded. Beside each insight, you'll spot a little '+' button. Tap on it, and voila! Your insight is added to the collection. Each added insight comes with:

  • Its type (like "Key Insights", "Pain Points", etc)
  • The file's name
  • The source or origin of the insight

2. Additional Notes#

Each of these insights-turned-cards in your collection gives you the flexibility to add more details or notes as you see fit.

3. Organizing Your Collection#

By default, the insights you save will land in the "Uncategorized" section of your collection. But don't sweat it - you can shuffle things around however you like by simply dragging and dropping the cards.

4. Lanes & Insights#

Navigate to the collection page of your project. Here, you can craft lanes (categories) and pop your insights into them. Plus, you can enrich each insight with:

  • The source
  • Additional notes
  • Custom tags to make them easily searchable

5. Share#

Have a team? Share your collection with them! They'll see everything in the neat Kanban view. Just remember, they can look but can't touch - the shareable link is view-only.

And there you have it! A nifty Kanban collection of all your insights, ready for you to dive into, share, or simply admire. Dive in and make your insights even more insightful!