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What is User Evaluation?

User Evaluation is a sophisticated AI platform tailored for customer research analysis. It simplifies the task of organizing, implementing, and interpreting your research findings. Whether you're dealing with text, CSV, audio, or video content, User Evaluation seamlessly processes and offers invaluable insights. After analyzing customer interactions, our platform delivers session-specific insights and consolidated reports for all your sessions, enabling your team to make data-driven decisions.


  1. Robust Transcription: Convert your content into text in no time from a staggering 57 languages. Our platform supports all audio and video file formats, ensuring a smooth transcription experience.

  2. AI Insights: For every insight that User Evaluation produces, you'll receive a specific reference from your content, helping you trace back to the original context.

  3. Multimodal AI Chat: This tool helps in extracting essential information from multiple files, presenting your data in a variety of formats, such as tables, graphs, and flowcharts.

  4. Collections: Classify and distribute insights using our intuitive kanban board. Enhance your collections by adding tags, notes, and original content sources.

  5. AI Report: Command our AI to construct comprehensive reports. These reports harmoniously incorporate insights in forms of text, tables, and charts, ensuring clarity and comprehensibility.

  6. AI Presentations: Prepare for your next presentation effortlessly. With one click, obtain a PPTX filled with AI-selected insights and stunning data visualizations.

  7. Clips: Pinpoint and emphasize significant sections from your transcripts, making them readily accessible for presentations or further analysis.

  8. Diverse Data Sources: Our platform is designed to analyze content from varied sources, be it audio, video, text, or csv. This ensures you get a well-rounded understanding of your data.

  9. Enhanced Audio/Video Player: Navigate through your transcripts effortlessly with our user-friendly multimedia player, designed to optimize your transcription review process.

  10. Insight Templates: Not sure where to start? Utilize our predefined list of insight templates to extract the most pertinent information from your content.

  11. Advanced AI Models: Powered by GPT-4 and other advanced AI models, we ensure top-notch services. And, importantly, we prioritize your data's confidentiality and never use it for training.

  12. Priority Support: Every customer on our paid plans is essential. We ensure timely support to help you navigate any challenges, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

We hope this guide provides a clear understanding of what User Evaluation offers. Should you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to