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Signing Up

Welcome to User Evaluation! If you're here to start your journey with us, you're in the right place. Follow our simple guide below to create your account and get going.

1. Sign Up#

To create your User Evaluation account:

  • Head over to
  • Alternatively, click on the Sign Up button from the landing page.
  • Enter your email and choose a password to set up your account.

Tip: You can also sign up using Google Sign-In. It's a secure way to provide your name, email address, and photo to User Evaluation. This allows us to associate your projects and data with your information seamlessly.

2. Log In#

Once you have an account, you can log in anytime by visiting

3. Phone Verification#

Before creating a project, we'll ask you to verify your phone. This is an added layer of security and ensures that only genuine users are part of our community.

Trouble Verifying? If you encounter any issues verifying your phone, please contact our support team at

Your Data Security#

Your privacy is paramount to us. Whether you sign up with an email or through Google Sign-In, rest assured that all your information is encrypted and stored securely within our systems.

Thank you for choosing User Evaluation. We're excited to have you onboard and look forward to aiding you in your evaluation projects! If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out.